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A view of the Apuan Alps in Carrara

Marble caves in Carrara

Carrara is a city in the province of Massa–Carrara widely famous for its white or blue–grey marble (it is the most important Italian marble manufacturer). It is situated on the Carrione river.
Carrara established its first municipality in 1235. During the centuries it was ruled by Pisa, Lucca, Genoa and even Milan. From 15th to 19th century, toghether with Massa, it formend the Duchy of Massa and Carrara.

Carrara's marble has been famous since the Ancient Roman. In fact, some of the Rome's most famous monuments such as Pantheon and the Trajan's column were carved with it. It was also highly valued by Michelangelo who carved his famous David in it. It is no wonder that the marble industry is of vital importance for the town as it is exported all over the world. The town has academies of sculpture and fine arts and museums of statuaries and antiquities. Sights to see in Carrara are the 12th century Cathedral and the Ducal Palace (16th century) now home of the Fine Arts Academy.

The beach of Marina di Carrara

The beach of Carrara at sunset

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Carrara was the native town of one of the most important Italian artists and the greater Italian representative of the Baroque period: the sculptor Pietro Tacca.
Moreover, it has been, and it is also today in some ways, a real Italian and international chieftown of anarchic thoughts, but this aspect has acquired, today, some folkloristic tones. The anarchic library of the Gogliardo Fiaschi cultural club, thanks to its precious collection, gathers and tells the Italian and local anarchic movement as one time it was.
The Carrara's coast is touched by the Ligurian sea and its coast has large sandy beaches offering several kinds of entertainment during summer season.

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