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The most known soul of Versilia are the lively beaches, where there is a variety of aquatic sports: from sailing regatta to surf and wind surf. Moreover in many beach establishments it is possible to play and five-a-side-football.
Sport facilities and recreational activities mark even more the tourist offer: many tennis clubs with open air and indoor courts, football fields, gyms, skate rinks, riding schools, golf courses and more.
The esplanade and the cycle track from Viareggio to Marina di Massa are navigable both for joggers and experienced cyclists or novices.

In short, sport really leads this spot of Tuscany. You'll surely find the right activity for you.
Here there are some



Versilia really is cyclists' paradise. Bicycles are the best way to get about this zones, and they give you the possibility prtactically to reach every place. Every year the Giro d'Italia lays over Versilian sites an during the rest of the year it's possible to meet professional and semi-professional cyclists on roads training in facing famous stretches of the race from the seaside to Alpi Apuane, as Passo del Vestito, Pitoro, Corsanico, Capriglia and Pasquilio.

  • Viareggio: moreover the bibycle path stratching along the seaside, in Viareggio famous pinewood it's possible to rent bicycles, mountain bikes, tandem, risciò (pedal cars with 3-4 seats), pedal go-karts and children equipment in several rental point.
  • Swimming

    If you are not satisfied in doing few strokes into the sea, in Versilia there are many swimming pools. Saltwater polls are generally located in bathing establishments, in which several indipendent swimming courses are organized for beginners and avarage levels, both for adults and kids.

  • Viareggio: Piscina comunale (Local swimming pool) "Mussi Lombardi Fermiano", Via Menini Tel. 0584 391213
    Circolo l'Artiglio, Via Porticciolo Sisa vicino all'Hotel Principe di Piemonte
  • Seravezza: Piscina Comunale (Local swimming pool), Via Emilia Tel. 0584 82190
  • Horse riding

    For this sport lovers riding even far away from home is nearly a necessity, while others could be promped in having some horse riding to discover Mediterranean nature and unknown hidden landscapes. In Regional Natural Park of Migliarino-San Rossore-Massaciuccoli there are many riding centers with historical importance giving the possibility to experts and beginners to ride, organizing riding along lost paths on sand dunes and scented groves. In addiction to those, more riding centers are scattered along the whole area.

  • Viareggio: Centro Ippico (Riding center) "Burlamacco", Via Comparini 212, solo monta inglese Tel. 0584 387553
    Riding School "Pineta di Levante", Via Comparini 8, Tel. 328 7562184
  • Pietrasanta: Riding School Carlo Dati, Vai del Castagnon 8, lessons and ridings, for beginners only inside the riding school, Tel. 0584 31288
  • Massarosa: Horse Country Club, Via Calagrande 1(Piano di Mommio), horse riding out of riding school only for experts
  • Football/Five-a-side football

    The Italian passion for football isn't a stranger even in Versilia. Many football and five-a-side football fields with both artificial and grass turves are disseminated mainaly along the coast, at teams and friends groups disposal that want to challenge themselves with the most popular sport of the world.

  • Viareggio: Football field A.Balasari, Via Aurelia q.re Marco Polo, Tel. 0584 564812
    Verde Sportivo, Via Verdi (Torre del Lago), Tel. 058435049
    Migliarina Sports ground "Ilario Niccoli", Via Petri, Tel. 0584 941070
  • Camaiore: Calcetto 2000, Via F.lli Rosselli, 122 (Lido di Camaiore), Tel. 0584 619244
  • Tennis

    As for football, tennis courts are nearly everywhere. Generally, they're located a little more in the hinterland or in pinewoods and next to sport centers, and they offer the possibility to everyone to play autonomously by booking, to have lessons and to rent the necessary equipment.

  • Viareggio: Circolo del Tennis (tennis club) Lungomare, Viale Marconi 323 (Torre del Lago), Tel. 0584 341489
  • Pietrasanta: Versilia Club, Via Emilia, Tel. 0584 83656
  • Forte dei Marmi: Tennis Forte dei Marmi, Via XX settembre, Tel. 0584 89775
  • Camaiore: Tennis Roma, Viale Colombo, Tel. 0584 989364
  • Athletics/Jogging

    As inveterate joggers know well, to keep fit there's nothing better than a good run session with earphones playing your favourite songs. And in Versilia there are plenty of opportunities. The most loved solution by everyone taking a stab at running are surely to cover esplanade or Viareggio pinewood stretches or the cyclable path, but the most suggestive one is no doubt running along the foreshore. Just an advice: if you decide to run along the sand don't take off your running shoes.
    Running for long stretches barefooted causes inflammations and aches to heel tendons.
    For braver ones, it's possible to follow Stradiviareggio, a 30 km running starting and finishing in front of the base of Stradiviareggio; the course to follow is signed by red and yellow stickers with an arrow in the center of a circle.
    If you want to train even far from home on athletic fields here are some addresses. But beware: many require a fee-payment for the entrance.

  • Viareggio: Stadio dei Pini "Torquato Bresciani", Via Trento, Tel. 0584 384195
    Verde Sportivo, Via Verdi (Torre del Lago), Tel. 0584 350409
  • Pietrasanta: Impianto Sportivo di Atletica Leggera (Athletic field), Via Unità d'Italia, Tel. 0584795270 (Comune Ufficio dello Sport)
  • Camaiore: Campo di Atletica c/o Stadio Comunale (Atheltic field and city stadium), Via dello Stadio, Tel. 0584 989364
  • Massarosa: Campo di Atletica c/o Centro Polisportivo Campolungo (Athletic field and Sports center), Via del Porto, Tel. 0584 937212
  • Basketball

    This sport loved all throughout America is making a comeback in Italy, gaining a rising fan number.
    If you want to train your free throw and challenge friends in nip and tucks these addresses will be useful.

  • Viareggio: Centro Sportivo "V.Zappatelli", Via del Forcone q.re Apuania
    Verde Sportivo, Via Verdi (Torre del Lago), Tel. 0584 350409
  • Forte dei Marmi: open court, Via Olmi
  • Golf

    The green meadows and the quiet golfers concentration are the main ingredients for this activity. And Versilia couldn't came without it.

  • Pietrasanta: Versilia Golf Club, Via delle Sipe 100, Tel. 0584 881574
  • Tirrenia: Golf Club Tirrenia e Cosmopolitan golf & Country Club
  • Leisure time activities

    The great parks of Versilia and pinewoods often host community centers which constitute a meeting point joined by all-age men and women going there and spending joyful hours together, practicing traditional sports, as and chess, but also cards and ping-pong challenges and tournaments

  • Viareggio: Parco la Tinaia, Via Comparini 4
    Pallaio, Pineta di Levante (east pinewood)
    Pallaio n.°2, Pineta di Ponente (west pinewood)
  • Yoga

    If you can't want to renouce even on holidays to meditation, harmony and breathing disciplines. Many centers of meditative disciplines have been opening mostly in last years to satisfy the growing demand and even bathing establishments adapted themselves to this, employing teachers in summer time.

    Go Kart/Skate rinks

    Two fascinating sports attracting everyone coming nearer and which couldn't be renounced by followers. So, here they come go kart and skating centers and parks to answer this request, mostly near Forte dei Marmi area.

  • Forte dei Marmi: Pergolandia, Mini autodromo di Massa, highway exit "Versilia", Tel. 329 6243713
    Skate Park, Via Giannotti, Tel. 0584 280292
  • [Seaside]

    Sailing clubs/Canoe/Kayak

    As you could imagine, the sea represent the base of many activities developped in this area. On Viareggio docks, near the harbour, there's a concentration of sailing clubs offering services and lessons to sailing lovers.
    Some bathing establishments, for guests, provide canoes with paddles, using which it's possible to reach the boat's limits signed by floats, but you can also join guided tours.

  • Viareggio: Polisportiva Canoa e Kayak Versilia, imbarcazioni turistiche per un giro nel padule di Massacciuccoli anche con accompagnatore esperto, Tel. 0584 31702
    Circolo velico Artiglio (Artiglio sailing club), Via Porticciolo Sisa, collective and individual sailing courses for adults and children
  • Surf/Windsurf

    Versilia, with its sandy seabed and its waves rarely reaching a dangerous high or strenght for bathers, it's the ideal place if you wanto to approach those disciplines in hanress with the sea. Many surf and windsurf schools have been created inside bathing establishments often funded by sponsors.

  • Viareggio: Arizona Surf Skool, Bagno Arizona, collective and individual lessons; surf camp for medium level or expert surfers; full equipment rental; lessons held in English, Spanish and Italian; Via Aurelia 300, Tel. 393 2435453, mail closeout@hotmail.it
  • Forte dei Marmi: Scuola 3/4, Club Pennone, Forte dei Marmi promenade, mail 3.4surfschool@gmail.com, Tel. 328 3921152
  • Camaiore: Tsunami Surf School, Bagno Eugenia, 3-level-courses, full equipment provided
  • Diving

    Diving centers are not numerouses but they offer the best if you want to discover sea flora and fauna in Versilia. Offers are addressed both to expert divers and baginners who want to get closer this activity safely.

  • Viareggio: Centro Subacqueo Artiglio (Diving Center), Viareggio Porto, Tel. 349 5485271, mail artiglio@artigliosub.it, apertura maggio-ottobre
    Viveremare, Tel. 328 9869856, mail lpyatch@gmail.com
  • Fishing

    Sea fishing in Italy, even if i'ts moderated by regulations and limitations for fishing zones and species than can be hunted, doesn't need any certificate.
    Along harbour cliffs and the foreshore it's easy to meet fishermen, experienced or not, gathering together in early morning and at the sunset to launch their fishing line. Privates organize even fishing days for tourists on their own fishing boats and vessels.
    Fishing in fresh waters needs, instead, a fishing patent: fishing shops could surely give all the information you need and recommend the right and fishy points in the area.

  • Camaiore: Stones & Shells, Versilia fishing tourism, excurtions along the coast, snorkeling, diving, lessons about fishing technique, fish cleanig and sea food preparation, from May to October, full equipment provided, Tel. 328 8977021
  • [Mountain]


    On fabulous Alpi Apuane there are so many walkable routes on excursionists beaten paths. From Alpi Apuane's Park, in particular, it's possible to leave to discover wonderful landscapes and breathtaking views, smelling parfumes of altitude herbs and inhaling the piercing fresh air on heights.
    Despite the position, you always have to remind that a walk or an excursion on Apuane involves all the risk you take on the mountains. You have to be careful and control the weather before you try one of the paths going up the mountainside.

  • Seravezza: Alpi Apuane Park reception camp and visitors center, Tel. 0584 756144
  • Mountain bike

    As for trekking, biker routes offer a one-time chance for this sport lovers to confront themselves with climbings and slopes easier or harder. The main ways snake on the borderline between Versilia and Garfagnana and include Folgorito mountain, Corchia, Indiano, Germolazzo and Tondo mountain.

  • For information and excursions' organization: Guide Office in Florence, Via Corridoni 14r, Tel. 335 6322005
  • Paraglinding

    If you are an heights lover, feeling as you are flying at least for once in your life will surely be a unique experience. Paraglinding and short flights with two-seater aircrafts are very practiced in Versilia.
    And how could you renounce when those occasion is served with a mountains and sea setting?

  • Camaiore: Paraglinding, courses and touristic flights on two-seater aircrafts, Tel. 0584 610713
  • __Usage tips__

  • Phone and contact: before you go in any kid of sport structure it's always better to phone or contact with the managers to know opening time and opening days, if there's free entrance or not and which equipment is required to do the activity
  • Experience: even if that's the first time you practice a sport don't fear to look ridiculous. There were many others before you and the first time it's always the hardest for everyone
  • If you carry children with you: be sure that the activity you're going to do is suitable for kids. Ask organizers if you're not able to evaluated it on your own
  • For hikers and cyclists: if yuo're going to try a mountain excursion or you're going up on Apuane with your bicycle just be sure to have the necessary for emergency cases (a small first-aid kit, charged cellular phones, appropriate clothing for weather changings, compass or gps connection etc.). Remember that you shouldn't never be alone: your partner could help you or go and ask for help in case of emergency.
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