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the etruscan coast

Etruscan coast is the name of the coastal belt which encloses the natural oasis of Bolgheri, the splendid pine-wood of Cecina, the rolling countryside of Bibbona, Bolgheri and Monte Calvi, where the typical Mediterranean vegetation alternates with fantastic chestnuts.
The medieval towns of Castagneto Carducci, Suvereto and Campiglia Marittima are a must for art and history lovers, who can admire the authentic walls and the wonderful fortified buildings.
In Etruscan time, one of the most important activities in the area (above all in Monte Calvi), was mining.

In the Etruscan coast there are a lot of interesting places to visit and to discover:  Piombino, the nearby Gulf of Baratti and the zone of Populonia, an ancient Etruscan town where metals mined from the island of Elba were subjected to manufacturing. Moreover, there is the natural park of Rimigliano in San Vincenzo, a must for those who want to admire the landscape and to be close to nature at the same time.

Etruscan coast

But, spending an holiday in the Etruscan coast doesn't mean just sea, sun and fun: it is also a unique opportunity to know something about the art and the history of that place, searching for the remote signs of an history which always comes alive.
Certainly it will be an interesting experience for the youngest and for the families, too; there are endless chances to enjoy themselves, cause this is a place where the typical relaxation of an holiday, offered by crystal clear and clean sea, wonderful beaches, verdant pinewoods and soft ground hills is combined with the amusement.
And what about gastronomy? Here you can taste a lot of different flavours and mouth-watering dishes: spicy grilled salmon steaks, shellfishes, crustaceans, fish-fries served with tomatoes, sauces and vegetables are some of the specialities that you can eat in the several high-quality restaurants you’ll find everywhere in the area.
Thanks to its optimal morphological and geographical features, this area is rich in particular plants, trees and highly coloured flowers.
It is a land rich in humus, where a wide variety of trees and beautiful plants can easily grow: by taking the natural paths, you could admire a variety of these plants, like the strawberry tree, the juniper, the broom, the heather or the holly.
Today this area is a very important resource: it provides wood, coal and small charcoal, elements which are important enough nowadays.
Thanks to its mild climate and its strategic geographical position, the Etruscan coast could represent a good alternative for your holidays. Moreover, the wind which in this area usually blows especially in the morning, is one of the most important elements, due to its influence for vegetation and morphology. Another important weather-element is the rain, concentrated above all in October, November and March, which is also the reason why the vegetation here is so luxuriant.

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